Friday, June 16, 2006

just try

it is both a comedy and a tragedy how insufficient we are.

Devise your plan. It will be thwarted. -God

Although I so easily dwell on my own problems and my own screw-ups, it cannot stop there. Yes, I am sinful, proud, and utterly problematic. And I do need to understand that.
But just the same, I need to understand there is One to which I can go to, all the time. For every time I mess things up, He is there with open arms waiting for me to return.

Dang it thats sweet.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I used to wonder why God even decided to create the earth and man.

Well, you see, God is Omniscient. That means He is all-knowing.
God is Omnipotent. That means He is all powerful.

So if God is all powerful, and he KNOWS that he is all powerful, then why does he need a bunch of people to live on the earth and tell him what he already knows? Christians want to bring glory to God, but if he knows he is all powerful, does he really need the extra glory?

For one, the fact that God created the earth and gave man the choice to believe in Him supplements the truth of his power.

This isn't a question I think we can ever totally answer, because nobody will ever truly grasp God and his plans. But God uses this earth and His people to show a beautiful array of His attributes. Not only is God an all-powerful God, but he is perfect, he is loving, he is patient, he is righteous. If God were to just chill with himself and decide to not create other beings, it would not have been sufficient to show all those attributes of God. Without the faltering Israelites God's intense patience would not have been so perfectly displayed, nor would his righteousness ever have been shown.

Our God, if we were to explain him in totality, is indescribable. He is bigger than we can imagine and more amazing than all of our words could ever suffice.

Thoughts? My mind is feeble, the probability of being incorrect is high.

Monday, June 05, 2006

June 1st, 2006

This post is titled June 1st, 2oo6. The reason for this is because that is the day which I decided to start writing in my blog again. Unfortunately my brother and his nuclear family occupied my room this past week, thus limiting my computer usage. I got back in today, and am actually posting. I like to think of it as my half year's resolution (even though July 1st marks the half of the year).

I have many thoughts running through my mind at the moment, but thats normal.

There are 6,912 known living languages in the world right now. Yeah, so what? I can't get past the fact that humans are so drastically different than any other living species on this earth. I don't think oranguntans have 6,000 languages, I think they only get orangunese. Humans also have an internal moral code built into them naturally. Relativism, taken to its end, never holds up. Punch a relativist in the nose and I bet they'll be angry, even if you say violence is ok by your standards. The mere fact that I am trying to figure out how different the human race from anything else is proof that our minds are far superior than any other creatures.

You know what? I love thinking, I really do. But I'm a habitual rambler. I think the Blog Collective would be frowning upon this, I'd better leave. I'll fix this later, but keep my ramblingness on the dl please.